• Do I live in Cedar Park or Leander?
    Caballo Ranch is located within the city limits of the City of Cedar Park. However, the Leander Post Office delivers our mail. Your address can be listed as either Cedar Park or Leander, but in order to get your mail, your zip code must be listed as 78641.
  • Why doesn't Cedar Park deliver our mail?
    Mail delivery was performed by Leander back when Ronald Reagan was largely undeveloped. When development picked up, the Postmaster allowed the few residents of Caballo to vote on whether they wanted a zip code change to 78613, which would change delivery to Cedar Park. It was voted down and we were told that a vote could only be held every ten years. Stay tuned for another vote one day.
  • What public schools do the children in this neighborhood attend?
    Caballo is currently zoned to Mona Akin Elementary, Stiles Middle School, and Vista Ridge High School, which are all a part of the excellent Leander ISD. Leander ISD has a Transfinder that you can use to find when and where your child’s bus stops. 
  • Are there community garage sales?
    Community garage sales are held each year typically on the first Saturday in April and October. We encourage you to participate at this time. We put up a large sign and advertise the sale to the wider community. We always get a great turnout of buyers.
  • Why don't the ponds have fountains?
    The ponds were built to comply with laws, and were not designed as an aesthetic amenity for our neighborhood. Since fountain installation and maintenance was not planned by the developers, retrofitting would be very expensive and costly to maintain.
  • Isn't all of that standing water in the ponds a mosquito hazard?
    The ponds are regularly maintained with bluegill, mosquito fish, and environmentally friendly chemicals. Although they serve an important purpose and were not designed to be clean, pristine, and pretty, they do have features that we can enjoy. They attract wildlife, and residents and their guests can fish (catch and release only) at both ponds, with a fishing license.
  • I purchased on the greenbelt and I was told (by my sales person, or previous owner, or neighbors) that I can change the property right behind my fence to get the view I want. Do I need to submit an ACC form for that?
    Changes to property that is not your own is never allowed. If you purchased along one of the greenbelt areas or along the creek, the property behind your fence is the HOA property and may not be altered by any resident.
  • Why doesn't the Association landscape along the trails?
    The trails running along the creeks are left, by design, as natural greenbelt. We want you to feel as if you are taking a stroll through the woods. A small strip on either side of the trail is mowed, but the rest of the area including fallen branches, underbrush, and trees are kept in their natural state. If trees or branches are blocking the trail, these will be cleared.
  • I want satellite instead of cable. Where should my dish go?
    All satellite dishes must be located on the rear of the home. 
  • The satellite dish installer told me that I can only get reception if the dish is placed right over the box at the front of my house, but HOA requires that is be placed at the back of my house. What do I do?
    Satellite dish technology has come a long way and although installers frequently tell people that the closest spot to the builder-installed box is the only place that will get reception, their insistence is far more often based on their own convenience and not on your reception. Let them know the HOA requirements upon installation. They can find an appropriate spot that meets the requirements. If they can’t, reach out to us before they drill holes in your roof and we will let them know what documentation needs to be provided by the satellite company (not the installer) prior to installation.
  • There are way too many people speeding along my street. Can you install speed bumps, or change the speed limit?
    The streets are owned by the City of Cedar Park and they are responsible for decisions made affecting traffic along those streets. Cedar Park has a great app called CPConnect that you can use to easily interface with the city government. You can also access the City of Cedar Park from their main website.
  • The streetlight by my house is out. Can you fix it?
    Streetlights are owned and maintained by the City of Cedar Park. Cedar Park has a great app called CPConnect that you can use to easily interface with the city government. You can also access the City of Cedar Park from their main website.
  • I already have home improvements planned. What do I need to do?
    Any exterior modifications require prior written approval, which include the backyard. The Architectural Control Request Form is under the "Documents" tab. 
  • What colors can I stain my fence?
    The preferred fence stain provided by the builder/developer is PPG Wood Defender, color Sierra. This can be found at the PPG located at 1300 Whitestone. You are not required to use this stain, or purchase from PPG. Stains should be a natural wood tone and transparent to semi- transparent. No paints or solids... and sorry no red, gray, or other colors are allowed. 
  • Where should I store my trash cans?
    Trashcans should be stored out of view either in the garage or behind a solid fence. Trashcans may be placed at the curb no sooner than the evening (5:00 p.m.) before trash pickup day and removed day of pickup.